Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! Holiday recap!

I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas and New Year!!  Ours was one of a kind and so much fun!  I have never been so excited for the holidays as I was this year for Olive's first everything!!

The last few weeks have been beyond exhausting with holidays, getting a new job, and following a crawling (trying to walk) little one around!  I have so much admiration and respect for all the mommy bloggers I follow who are religious is their posting and have more kids than I do haha!  With that being said one of my many New Years goals is to set more time aside for the blog and crafts!  I want to simplify my posts (after this long one), craft ideas, and home decor throughout this next year!  Starting with hopefully a newly decorated office and a new blog template to boot!  

I like to think we got a head start on my "simple yet bold" theme with our Christmas decor!!

I wanted to decorate but wanted the takedown to be as minimal as possible. Everything also had to be relatively functional and not get in the way with 13 people running around on Christmas day!  I hung everyone's stockings on the back of their chairs for many reasons- 
1) We could fill them with a ton of stuff and they would fall off anything (my parents stuffed them with nerf guns for everyone so we needed something sturdy!)
2) they acted as place cards for dinner, and 
3) it saved us from putting holes in the wall since we do not have a mantle! 
I will probably do this every year now!

I nearly peed myself when my mom and I found a Christmas dress for Olive that matched my white, silver, and blue decor!  

She was just so precious at Christmas eve Mass! It was impossible to get her to sit still after church though!

Such a little angel!

I love this face!

My most favorite part of christmas was getting and putting together a teepee for baby Olive from Moozle!!! Jessica Garvin from Little Baby Garvin has posted a million cute pics of her daughter in their teepee and for years I was hoping to have a baby of my own to buy a teepee for!!   

It was more than I ever could have dreamed of!  Christmas eve was amazing and to see Olive's reaction made all the late nights preparing for the big day worth it!

We ate cheesy eggs in our pink jammies and had a blast opening presents! (well olive just had pedialyte and formula- she had the flu!)

Olive wasn't having much fun opening presents- but go figure she would go to town and rip a whole roll of wrapping paper to shreds in seconds! I don't get it LOL

She got SO MANY presents and cute outfits! Her all time fav present was a talking Leapfrog puppy named violet!

I spent my whole day in the kitchen but I think everything went ok! LOL  
Poor baby Olive had the flu and the second we sat down to eat she had a poop-splosion that required me to give her a nice long bath and disinfect the tub!  

Before that the table looked great- and unfortunately she couldn't use the cute snowflake plate I bought her and bib!  Funny story- her bib is just a miniature tree skirt that matches our actual tree skirt!  It worked like a charm for the 5 minutes she drank formula with it on!

The entire family minus the cook took part in a huge nerf war, everyone ate and drank until they were merry, and our recycle bin was never fuller!  It was a successful day!

We also had the best New Years eve celebration ever!!  My dear friend Beatriz invited us and 4 other couples over for a "baby party"!!  5 kids under the age of 2, beer pong, pool table, and CHILI!

They had tons of toys, multiple kid sleep/play places, and more food and drinks than you could imagine!  We left at 1030 and ALL the kids were still fighting to keep awake! they were all over the place and hilarious!

This pic was taken not long before we left..... these little cuties are going to be lifelong besties!

I can't believe we finally got to celebrate our first christmas with our baby Olive!!!!  It seems like we waited a lifetime for her to get here!  I can only imagine how excited I will be for next year when she's a little older and hopefully not sick!  I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing family (& friends) and the opportunity to share these moments with them!  

Hope your holiday season was just as exciting and not half as crazy as ours!

X, Jamie

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